EPC Solutions

An ecological green company, and is amongst the most respected and well-known EPC commerical, utility solar energy systems, products and services

We exist to build great things !

We design, build and manage renewable energy systems with quality and integrity.

ECE is a Green company, and is amongst the most respected and well-known commercial, utility, EPC solar energy systems, products and services. We are the leader in eco building and lead the way to a sustainable future. All through the years, our commitment to building the best solar energy systems have allowed us to build a solid reputation of honesty, trustworthyness, dependability and professional where we are trusted by many of our loyal clients.


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Solar System

EPC Services - World Class

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Storage HESS - Solar Energy Storage

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O & M - Long-Term Quality Partner

EPC that reflect the true "GREEN" project

OUR MISSION ! Reduce the levelised cost of energy and maximize energy output, developing the right type of solar solution for each specific site and client.

EPC Services solution gives you the versatility to decide whether your project requires our complete three-phase offering of engineering, procurement and construction or just one of these select specialist services.

Once our Project Development team have handled all aspects involved in acquiring, investing or financially backing a planned future development or a partly developed or constructed project, our EPC Services team step in to competently deliver a fully commissioned turnkey solar project. Revolutionize Solar Energy EPC !.